Estate Disputes

Teece Hodgson & Ward is widely recognised for leading expertise in this area. Many of our lawyers are Accredited Specialists in Wills and Estates Law - in fact, Teece Hodgson & Ward has the state’s largest such team in private practice.

As legal leaders in the area of contested estates, disputed wills, family provision and other estate disputes, we provide expert and truly dependable advice on all the issues which may arise.

As a client, you will be served by one of our senior estate planning or estate litigation specialists who help with these matters every day.

Extensive experience in estate planning, contested estates and estate disputes means that we can quickly assess the potential of any claim and give practical and timely advice which saves heartache and cost. We build this into our work when drafting wills and also when advising clients about possible estate claims or advising executors about defending estate claims.

For more information, see:  Claims, Family Provision, Capacity, Undue Influence


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