Asheetha has worked in our wills and estates group since 2003. She has considerable experience in contested estate litigation, including testamentary capacity matters, family provision applications and other estate administration suits, acting on behalf of both plaintiffs and estates. She has had valuable court experience in appearing on behalf of clients in procedural and interlocutory stages of the proceedings and also taking matters to hearing. Asheetha has been actively involved in settlement negotiations and mediations on behalf of our clients.

Asheetha also has expertise in complex applications for grants for probate and letters of administration and the various issues arising in the administration of estates generally.
More recently, she has gained some experience in estate planning matters.

Asheetha’s understanding of the law and ability to empathise with the needs of our clients ensures appropriate advice is given and suitable action is taken in a timely and cost effective manner.

_0014_THW_6-2-17-46 Asheetha Jelliffe

Senior Associate - Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates Law

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