Commercial building projects often involve a number of stages, each of which raise their own issues.

From a principal’s perspective, particularly for large projects, there will usually be a need to draft a contract and have the specifications prepared so that tender documents can be prepared and distributed to prospective builders for tender. Following successful tendering there is usually a need for further negotiations between the principal and the builder before the final terms of the contract are agreed.

We regularly act for principals on commercial projects and can assist in drafting the contract and tender documents and also in negotiating the terms of the contracts. We are familiar with the standard contracts used in NSW, including those published by Standards Australia such as:

  • General Conditions of Contract – AS4000 – 1997
  • General Conditions of Contract – AS2124 – 1992
  • Standards Australia Sub Contract Conditions – AS2545 – 1993
  • General Conditions of Contract for Design and Construct AS 4300 – 1995
  • General Conditions of Contract for Design and Construct AS 4902 – 2000


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