At Teece Hodgson & Ward we handle hundreds of contested estate claims and estate disputes every year. As one Sydney’s most experienced law firms in this area we have helped many people in and give our clients expert, experienced and strong representation in any estate dispute matters.

When a person dies without making a will, or a will has not been prepared to take into account potential estate claims, chances of a claim against the estate or a challenge to the will are increased. We are experts in contesting a will and defending contested will claims.

If someone dies without making a will, it can leave relatives without adequate financial provisions and mean they make a claim against the estate.

In some cases, circumstances in which a will was made or the fact that the person making the will was ill or incapacitated can result in claims by relatives, or others, regarding the validity of the will, or the manner in which the estate should be administered and distributed.

In any of these scenarios it’s important to not just obtain quality legal advice, but to seek expert knowledge in a timely manner.

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Teece Hodgson & Ward solicitors, led by Accredited Specialists in Wills and Estates Law, expertly and carefully guide clients through all aspects of estate disputes. Our experts in estate disputes include:


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