At some point, making a will is something everyone will consider.

For some people this can be a very simple process, while for others it can be complicated. Regardless of which camp you think you fall into, it’s important to get reputable advice tailored for you and your individual circumstances.

Wills are especially important to turn our mind to whenever our life circumstances change and as we get older. With growing families, changes in relationships, business growth and fluctuations to financial circumstances, wills can help us gain some peace of mind.

Increasing divorce rates and the subsequent growth of complicated family structures are all things that a good estate planning will consider. Wherever there is a potential for conflict and competing interests good estate planning can help reduce the risk of future conflict and competing claims.

Our aging population also create a need for trustworthy and sound retirement planning, which takes into account all possible life scenarios.

Making a will, regardless of your life stage, can provide some certainty around the following types of questions:

  • If I die, who will be the guardians of my children?
  • If I have an accident or suffer a serious illness, who will look after my financial affairs?
  • If I become incapacitated who can make decisions about health care?
  • If something happens to me how can I make sure my children are provided for?
  • How can I stop someone from making a claim against my estate?
  • What happens to my superannuation when I die?

A will, or a power of attorney, might seem like a simple document. But the reality is that in many cases simple forms, which fail to deal with the complexities of life, often result in expensive disputes and litigation when a person dies. Only adding to the stress of an already emotional time.

Estate planning shouldn’t be left to chance and requires expert skills and knowledge. The team of Estate Planning solicitors at Teece Hodgson & Ward are one of the leading Wills and Estates Law specialist teams in Australia.

Our experts include NSW Law Society Accredited Specialists and can advise on all aspects of estate planning, inheritance law, trusts and related topics. Our expert knowledge means we can provide a comprehensive and personalised advice tailored to meet your specific circumstances.

We have an extensive range of useful resources including the following fact sheets:

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Our team can provide you with authoritative legal advice on estate planning. Our recognised experts including Accredited Specialists are:

We also have Specialists who handle claims against estates and estate litigation, should the need arise.  For more details see Estate Disputes.

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