Employment Law is an area that is always changing and it’s important for businesses to stay up to date. We provide practical advice and can help you understand any changes, your rights, and your responsibilities.

We provide advice to a range of businesses and specialise in issues relevant to medium to large private enterprises. Some examples of issues we regularly advise on include:

  • Standardising your employment contracts
  •  Independent contractor arrangements
  •  Redundancy arrangements for key personnel
  •  Unfair dismissal and other claims
  •  The impact of the Fair Work Act  Awards, Industrial Agreements and other industrial legislation
  •  Employee Share Schemes
  •  Discrimination, bullying and workplace health and safety issues
  •  Confidentiality and employee non-compete issues

How we can help

For advice and expert assistance with your employment law needs, contact Lachlan Hespe, Senior Associate.

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