Planning your estate or drafting a will can help give you peace of mind about the things that really matter.

Teece Hodgson & Ward specialists expertly help clients to navigate the intricacies of estate planning, trusts and deceased estates. We can help you can make informed decisions, that’s best for you and your family, regarding:

We’re well resourced and have developed many excellent precedents, convenient information resources and handy tools to help our clients. This makes us efficient and cost effective.

We have an extensive range of useful resources, two helpful ones include:

… which once completed, can be emailed to us (in confidence) at:

With us, you can relax in the knowledge that you and the people you care for will be taken care of.

How we can help


Our team can provide you with authoritative legal advice on estate planning. Our recognised experts including Accredited Specialists are:

We also have Accredited Wills and Estates Specialists who handle claims against estates and estate litigation, should the need arise.  For more details see Estate Disputes.

You can start your estate planning by completing the Questionnaire on our Resources page and returning it to us by email (in confidence) on

If you prefer to discuss your Estate Planning needs, please call us on (02) 8224 3200 to arrange an appointment.





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